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A Cooperative Survival Experience

Embark on an otherworldly Adventure
and explore a mystical expanse
 of wonders

Launch date yet to be determined

created by Raziel Rosen

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Board Game Features

Randomized hexcrawl 

mechanism designed to bring a completely new experience with every playthrough. 


A Boss Battler style game,

with board setup in minutes, and a full solo or multiplayer campaign taking 1 to 2 hours.


Set in an otherworldly labyrinth of parables and illustrations to provide a unique immersive experience.

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Website Background Art by Jon Sideriadis

With Illustrations repurposed for this game from original artwork by Jon SIderiadis


Website Background Art by  Jon Sideriadis

About the Board Game

Ethos is a cooperative survival board game featuring independently crafted game pieces and a wooden four-sided die, along with uniquely themed illustratons for all fans of fantasy. Embark on a new adventure with every playthrough by navigating the uniquely wondrous world of Ethos, and vanquish the Three Beasts.


Play cooperatively with 2 to 4 players, as well as single player campaigns. Gameplay generally lasts for 1 to 2 hours per campaign.  Suggested for players ages 13 and older.


This board game has not been released and is not yet available for sale to the public. Once available, that will be announced here. 



  • 104 Fully illustrated themed tiles​

    • With illustrations repurposed for the board game based on the original artworks of Jon Sideriadis, including hexagon tiles named Paradigm, Dysphoria, Reincarnation and Sanctanimity.

    • Illustrated by Deckyyuriadi and Illustrasu 

  • 4 Solsayer Figurines designed by ARhisTory

  • 1 Four-Sided Die designed by Wood Tactics

  • 36 Sol Tokens

  • 36 Aura Tokens

  • 1 Codex

  • 1 Small Sol Pouch

  • 1 Large Aura Pouch


This is a passion project with game pieces meticulously crafted by independent artists in a collaborative effort. Supporting this project will help sustain and continue these artistic projects. Work is underway for upcoming expansions and sequel board game. 

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